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Examples of Portraits
The Traditional portrait for people who are comfortable in front of a camera and prefer to have posed photographs of themselves and their families. This style of portrait can be inside with studio lights, or outside in a vineyard, town or park.

The Walkabout is a photojournalism style portrait where Nanci follows you around as you wander and explore an area, capturing both posed and unposed images, and where people who aren't naturally comfortable in front a camera can truly shine. (It's a lot like having a really courteous paparazzi documenting your visit.)

Prenatal Portraits are pregnancy photos, capturing the last month of so of pregnancy so you can always remember the special moment. These often include dad, and can be as modest or exposed as the mother prefers.

Engagement Photography and Proposal Photography is a lot of fun! Gentlemen, this one is for you. When you order a proposal photography session, Nanci will show up at the spot where you plan to props, disguised as a tourist. She lingers nearby and takes pictures of the environment and beautiful surroundings, so your girlfriend never suspects! Then, as you get down on one knee to pop the question, the entire thing is caught on film... the surprise, the tears, the laughter. It's a very special moment, and one that turns into a brief engagement-photo session as you take your first few steps as an engaged couple.

Engagement Photography is exactly what it sounds like! If you book a wedding with Nanci, your engagement photo session is included (yes, it's free!), but you can also request an engagement session separately, which is an excellent choice for quiet weddings or second weddings where you won't be having a photographer. Just the two of you, in the environment of your choice, provides wonderful memories for years to come.

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