Walkabout Photojournalism Portraits


A Walkabout is a non-traditional, photo journalistic approach to portraiture. If you want to create a unique 'portrait' experience, consider this...

Who is it for? 
A photo Walkabout is ideal for anyone who might not feel comfortable in a formal studio setting and would prefer to have a set of casual, "candid" style portraits that tell a story. Perfect for proposals and visitors to the Napa Valley.

How does it work?
Join photographer Nanci for a stroll Downtown, and you'll find interesting pieces of architecture, delectable windows to peer in, benches to lounge upon, and vineyards to provide a beautiful backdrop to your personal 'portraits'. This is an experience-oriented photo session...it is fun and casual, and that is why Nanci has created this non-traditional portrait choice. 

Nanci shoots, edits, crops, and colorizes to tell the story of you and your adventure. Your smiles, laughter, quiet moments and poetic rhythm are all documented in your photos and Slideshow Nanci will give suggestions along the way to keep the momentum, but she also catches the un-directed, natural moments as well.

You can choose to spend one or two hours in this photo-journalistic Walkabout session, depending on how in-depth you want your 'story' to go.

What does a Walkabout photo session include? 
After a one hour session, you will receive a CD of all the images (60-80 images on average!) and you can print as many photos as you'd like. You also receive a Slideshow presentation of your adventure, an 8x10” enlargement of your favorite image, two 5x7”s (and a few freebies of Nanci's favorites). Two hour packages include additional enlargements, and of course, an extra hour which will mean more pictures. You may order additional enlargements of anything you might want that isn't already included in your package.

Can I see a sample Walkabout Slideshow? 
You can download a sample Slideshow below, by right-clicking the link (or on Mac, control+clicking) and choosing "Save Link As..." from the drop-down menu. Adobe Reader is required to view the Slideshow properly.

The couples in the Walkabouts below have given their permission to Nanci Kerby to share their photographs with you. While each unique “Walkabout” can be in a different place in the Napa Valley, Nanci has several favorite places (such as Downtown St. Helena) that lend themselves to great images. However, if you have a favorite place nearby that you'd like to 'Walk About', Nanci would be happy to make your magic happen there!

Walkabout pricing:
One Hour “Walk About” - $375.00
Extra hour: $100.00
Includes a DVD of high resolution files of your entire experience (printable up to 8x10"), plus one professionally printed 8x10" and two 5x7" images of your choice.
California sales tax will be added to your total.

These photo sessions should be booked/reserved a few weeks prior to date of your shoot. A small (non refundable) retainer/deposit of $50.00 will apply against your balance due, which will be required at completion of your photo session. If you need to cancel your photo shoot this retainer will be the only cancellation fee. 

  Download and View Complete Walkabout Slideshows
walkabout couple 4 PDF Slideshow - Walkabout #1 (24 MB)
walkabout couple 4 PDF Slideshow - Walkabout #2
walkabout couple 4 PDF Slideshow - Walkabout #3 (8 MB)
walkabout couple 4 PDF Slideshow - Walkabout #4 (9 MB)

(for Mac computers, press control+click) and choose "Save File/Link As" to download a PDF of either complete walkabout. The files are large (8-24 MB) and will take several minutes to load. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
(Download Adobe Reader 8.1 free by clicking here)

If you prefer not to download the complete PDF, the images to the left are a sample from Slideshow #1.



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